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Dog Clothing is a garment made by humans for their dogs. Dog clothes range from affordable to expensive high-end designer dog clothes and are also available in eco-friendly and certified[1] organic cotton fabrics. Typically toy and small breed dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers are dressed in dog clothes. Dog clothes are made to be either functional or for show. Functional dog clothes would be used to protect pets from the elements and allergens. Dog clothes that are purely for show would be used as costumes for holidays and special occasions such as Halloween or weddings.



[edit] Dog Coats

Dog coats are used for many reasons. They are most commonly used for waterproof protection against rain, to provide extra warmth and to keep the dog clean. Dog coats are also used as fashion accessories. Examples of popular functional dog coats include: Chilly Dogs and Ruff Wear. Examples of popular fashion dog coats include: Romy and Jacob

[edit] Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters are both functional and fashion accessories. They provide extra warmth for dogs that are hairless or have a single-layer coat (dog) and are available in a wide variety of patterns and styles, such as knit fair Isle (technique) sweaters or hooded sweatshirts with embellishments. Examples of popular dog sweaters include: Pinkaholic New York and Monkey Daze

[edit] Dog Shirts

Dog shirts are primarily fashion accessories. They can, however, be used to help protect a dog who is excessively scratching itself due to allergies, to prevent hairless dogs from getting a sunburn or for general UV protection. They are available in a t-shirt style with short or long sleeves as well as a sleevless tank top for use during warmer weather. Graphic prints are very popular for dog shirts. Examples of popular graphic printed dog t-shirts and tank tops include: Ruff Ruff and Meow and Yellow Hydrant

[edit] Dog Dresses

Dog dresses are purely fashion accessories and are mainly worn on toy and small breed dogs. Examples of popular dog dresses include: Wooflink and Puppia US

[edit] Organic Dog Clothing

Pet products are a huge part of the growing demand[2] for green eco-friendly products, including dog clothing. All styles of dog clothing are now available in an eco-friendly or organic version, such as coats made with fabrics using PET bottle recycling, organic cotton shirts and re-worked human clothes. Examples of popular eco-friendly and organic dog clothes include: Eco-Pup Dog Clothing and West Paw Design

[edit] Celebrities and dog clothing

Many celebrities including Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton offer their own line of designer dog clothing and other pet products.

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